BANNER STANDS & FREE STANDING SIGNS: Customized and Easily Updated Sign Solutions


Discover a diverse range of free-standing signage options at Allegra North York, designed to meet the growing demand for durable, visible, and compliant signage solutions. Our customizable options cater to the unique needs of your business, ensuring seamless integration and effective communication.

Free-standing signs offer an affordable and reusable solution for business owners seeking to showcase temporary messages effortlessly. Whether you're highlighting new safety regulations, enforcing social distancing guidelines, or promoting new products, our signage options provide a versatile platform for your messaging needs.

Introducing new signage into your business or organization shouldn't be a daunting task. Trust our experienced team to recommend the most suitable solutions tailored to your requirements. Elevate your signage strategy with Allegra today.

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Allegra’s free-standing signage solutions

A-frame Signs: Businesses often use these stand-alone signs along their sidewalks. Their foldable design makes them easy to transport, and their snap frame technology makes them quick to set up. Use them to welcome passersby, display special offers, feature daily announcements, or communicate your updated safety guidelines.

Bulletin Sign Holders: These signs can be made in different materials such as metal, wood, clear acrylic, or plastic. They are designed with a floor-standing base making their setup and removal simple. Bulletin sign holders can be customized to fit any industry; they are often used in retail settings, store entrances, or as wayfinding solutions at banks, hotels, airports, and hospitals. Use them to guide people throughout your location and alert them of newly established policies.

Banner Stands: Easily install banners in any location with the help of banner stands. You don’t need to limit the advertising potential of a custom banner simply because you don’t have the right solution to install it. With a custom banner stand design, you will be able to gain more use out of your banners.

Sanitizing Stations: Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent set up, we can help you design a free-standing sanitizing station for your business. Offer cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, and even branded giveaways to help your customers feel safe as they enter your location.

Stand out with free-standing signs and banner stands!

Free-standing signs and banner stands can be placed virtually anywhere. Strategically place them at your location to help customers maintain safe social distances. Our durable signs are versatile and will allow you to reuse them for future occasions.

Contact Allegra to find the perfect free-standing sign solution for your business.

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