Construction Signage

ImagesConstruction signs are important to keep workers safe by alerting drivers of road construction work being done. Additionally, these signs advertise your specific project or your company as a whole. These durable, outdoor signs are often made from weather-resistant, lightweight vinyl and hung from nearby fencing or designed as post and panel signs. By creating your own custom signage, you can ensure your company branding is carried through by including your logo and company colours.

Our sign experts know the appropriate regulations and guidelines for signs at construction sites. We are able to guide you through the entire process from concept and design to creation, regulation guidelines, and installation so that you are satisfied with your final product. Whether it’s a new store opening or a new apartment complex, you can inform the public before the doors even open. Contact us today to get started on signage for your next construction project.

For safety measures, these signs may be required and installed around the perimeter of your site to identify a construction zone. They can also be used to ensure the safety of your employees and any visitors to the site. For example, a large sign at the entrance of the construction zone can indicate that any person who enters must be wearing the appropriate safety gear. Construction signs must adhere to certain federal, provincial and local regulations to make them clear to the public as well as employees so that everyone remains safe.

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