Table-Top Displays & Tabletop Banners

For occasions when your display options are limited to those which you can carry and set up on a table, Allegra North York provides an excellent array of tabletop displays & tabletop banners. Our tri-fold displays, tabletop stands, and tabletop retractable banners are easy to carry, set up, take down and store between events for the on-the-go exhibitors. No matter how limited your display space, we have you covered! Small tabletops or even shared spaces are often a challenge at many conferences, meetings, and engagements as which you’ll display your table banners and table signs.

Tabletop Displays & Tabletop Banners are ideal for:

  • Trade Shows & Expos
  • Recruiting Events
  • Tournaments
  • Business Fairs
  • Fairs
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Meetings & Presentations
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