COVID-19 Solutions

Communication is essential to keep those who surround us safe and informed. Allegra offers a wide variety of solutions to help your business share its message. Keep your visitors and staff safe with custom signage and print communications designed for your specific business needs.

Use this Reopening Readiness Checklist to help you gauge your readiness and prepare to see the public. An easy-to-follow, checklist format guides you through PPE, social distancing graphics, counter signs, carryout bags, safety stickers and more.

Allegra believes this is a time where we should all work together to support our communities and prepare for a stronger future. We are open to help support your business meet its new and continued needs. Count on us for all your signage, print, mail, and marketing needs.
COVID-19 Signage


Here are some of the signage solutions we are providing to help local businesses:

Open for Business Signs: Get custom signs to display your current hours of operation. Whether you are looking for a sign for your doors or windows, or a custom banner visible to passersby, Allegra can help!

Curbside Signage: If your business is offering curbside options to comply with the social distancing orders, we can create a sign to inform and guide your customers.

Wayfinding: Get temporary or reusable signage to guide and help people navigate throughout your location safely.

Physical Distance: To comply with the physical distancing guidelines, get custom signage to remind people to keep a safe distance from each other.

Safety: Help visitors and customers stay safe at your location using custom safety signs. Let people know about potential hazards, special warnings, or specific practices to follow.

Floor Graphics: Use graphics on your floor to help people maintain a safe distance or to guide them throughout your location.

Graduations & Special Occasions: Celebrate those close to you with custom signage congratulating and showing your appreciation and support.

Unsure what’s available to give you peace of mind as you reopen? View the Reopening Product Solutions Guide to see product samples like suspended signage, wall graphics, retractable banner stands, decals and acrylic shields.


Ongoing communication goes a long way at low cost to protect a valuable asset – your customers and donors. How you communicate now contributes to how your brand will be remembered. Reach your customers and donors with informational and promotional messages during these times of crisis with:

Direct Mail: This remains a safe and effective way to communicate with both customers and prospects. Send out messages to let your community know you’re open for business, or how your products or services can support them during this time.

Email Marketing: Digital communications are crucial during continued social distancing. If you’re looking for help designing the right look and message to send, our team can help.

Printed pieces: No matter what type of message you need to send, we have a solution for you. Contact Allegra for help with custom business postcards, newsletters, training materials, and more.

Allegra is committed to helping businesses and organizations like yours remain active and strong. Our staff can help you find a solution that accommodates your unique situation and budget. If you are not sure what your company could be doing to stay proactive, contact our team.


If the challenges brought on by the pandemic have caused you to rethink the way you handle your marketing, consider a custom web-to-print store for your business. The unpredictable business environment we’ve seen over the last several months mean you’ve probably needed to change your messaging on the fly, and we know how difficult that can be to successfully handle.

Allegra can help your business gain many efficiencies with our WorkStream™ eCommerce solutions.

Manage all of your print marketing materials for multiple locations and people all in one convenient place. Orders can be placed at any time, with 24-7 access, and you get all of your marketing materials and business forms in easily-customized formats.

Streamlining your printing needs can help you provide timely communications to the people who need them most, all while saving you time and money. Contact Allegra to see if eCommerce is a potential solution for your business.

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