Tips For Reconnecting With Your Nonprofit Donors

Tips For Reconnecting With Your Nonprofit Donors | Allegra

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Did you know? 57% of donors decide not to donate after their first contribution (AFP). Now is a great time to target lapsed donors to reactivate their giving. But it’s important to do enough – but not too much. Trying “too hard” could be a major turnoff for your donors.

Here are some ideas for re-engaging and connecting with donors.

Segment lapsed donors based on previous giving patterns and interests.

Craft tailored “we miss you” messages acknowledging past support and how their contributions made a difference. This is also a chance to show off your benefits to your local community or how you support the causes your donors care about.

Send a survey to understand why they stopped giving and what could encourage them to reengage.

Refine your approach based on feedback. This should be short, but still encourages them to respond. Then, you could follow up with them and respond directly to their concerns.

Develop time-sensitive appeals such as a matching-gift campaign.

Eighty-four percent of donors say they’re more likely to donate if a match is offered (Double the Donation).

Use the power of email and direct mail.

Develop a series of emails and mailings with messaging specifically for lapsed donors. These should go out over a few days or weeks. Mail branded promotional items to priority targets to stand out and stay top-of-mind. Create a landing page to complement this content and drive website traffic.

Update your “donate” messaging.

Try using prompts like “give now,” “save a life,” or “make a difference.” This should be done across all platforms, including online and direct mail.

Send special invitations for events and fundraisers to encourage their attendance.

These should be personalized per donor. You don’t want to send a mass message. Adding the person’s name could help them feel more special.

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