Define what makes you different so that you stand out against your competitors. Then, send a consistent message that tells your story again and again everywhere someone experiences your brand. The specialists at Allegra are in your corner to help your business garner the brand awareness it deserves. Rely on our team to act as your guide on your business’ growth journey.

How do I gain brand awareness?

The best-known products and companies are always the sales leaders in their market space. Share of mind leads to share of market, all other things being roughly equal.

The process to build brand awareness takes sustained activities over time. But it doesn’t necessarily take a huge budget, particularly in a local market. You need to be found when and where they are looking and reach out proactively and in a timely manner to be remembered in the meantime.

Case Study: Brand Re-launch Promotes Interest, Awareness

In a competitive market, a strong brand identity is essential to drive awareness, recognition, preference and ultimately, loyalty. A multi-location custom home interiors store recognized they were suffering from a visual disconnect across their marketing materials and in-store branding. To remain competitive, some changes were in order.


Allegra Marketing Print Mail got to work on a comprehensive identity package that included a logo redesign, enhanced colour palette and new marketing materials. That was just the beginning! The identity materials evolved into signage, banners, promotional products, apparel and vehicle graphics that elevated their brand and made the company a standout in the market.

  • The company partnered with a local television station to launch their new identity, delivering valuable exposure.
  • All six locations adopted the standardized interior graphics and colors.
  • Internally, the brand relaunch was a success, generating interest and excitement about the brand among employees.
Why a strong brand is essential!

Circle Research found that 77% of business-to-business marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth. Consistency is key for differentiation from your competitors.

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