Customer retention is the pinnacle of running a great business. Your clients should feel your business is their go-to for what they need, whenever they need it. To keep patrons loyal and coming back, they need to know how your business stands out from the crowd and that you truly value them as a customer.

Remaining engaged with your customers or donors is key to keeping them coming back to your business. A simple, timely customer communication program can meet both of these goals. A thank-you note here. A special email offer there. Perhaps a newsletter with helpful information along with special offers they can act on now. Additionally, personalizing your interactions with clients makes them more interested in taking action.

At Allegra, we suggest mixing up the forms and channels of communication for maximum impact on your customers. Ongoing communication goes a long way at a low cost while protecting a valuable asset – your customers or donors.

What marketing strategies can drive customer retention?

Allegra has the knowledge and experience to provide your business with proven customer relationship management strategies to increase both customer and donor retention. These strategies deepen your closest client relationships to drive more loyalty and build new customer relationships for ongoing business.


Celebrating its 60th anniversary, a college wanted to use the milestone to increase alumni donations to a namesake fund. The dollars were earmarked for daily operations, scholarships, capital projects or areas designated by donors.

Previously, fundraising efforts had not met expectations. Of 12,000 graduates, only about 6% had previously donated.


Allegra Marketing Print Mail created a multi-channel marketing approach, integrating three key services: mail tracking, call tracking and online ad follow-up.

The campaign launched with a postcard mailing. Variable data printing allowed for personalization by name and images specific to the recipient’s graduating era. Mail tracking technology monitored delivery to more than 10,000 alumni. Phone calls generated by the mailing were also tracked.

The postcard directed alumni to personalized web pages that greeted each visitor by name. On the website, each alum was requested to update their personal information, and upload photos and stories to a “memory wall” where they could share and comment. A prominent “donate now” button followed visitors down the page.

Website visitors were also tagged for follow-up digital ads on the Google Display Network over the next 30 days.

  • The school raised more than $13,000 in the first week alone.
  • The fundraising goal was exceeded by 30%.
  • Online ads garnered more than 150,000 impressions.
  • The website created an engaged alumni community that could be further nurtured for ongoing support.
Why Personalization Works!

More than 84% of consumers say personalization made them more likely to open a direct mail piece, according to InfoTrends research.

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