Everyone wants to feel seen and shown appreciation for their efforts. Research shows more than 8 out of 10 employees say that employee recognition for completing great work is important to them. Yet just 41 percent agree their employer does so effectively.

Larger companies or organizations without a centralized office know that clear and caring employee communications are the keys to talent retention, motivation and job satisfaction. Allegra has extensive experience in creating internal communication strategies that work, including designing and printing high-quality employee recognition certificates that can be personalized for any great work completed at your business.

What’s the best way to recognize my employees?

It feels good to be noticed for the hard work put into a job. Employees who feel acknowledged by their employer show an increase in the quality of their job performance, productivity and engagement. Engaged teams simply provide a superior customer experience as their well-being becomes more satisfied.

As many offices have shifted to a permanent work-from-home or hybrid office, in-person meetings have become less frequent. Scheduled employee communications that appear with consistency are often a better answer. And printed materials like a certificate of appreciation or newsletters that can be shared at home are generally valued more highly.


Web-to-print sites are a great way for businesses to centralize control of their branding when they have satellite offices, marketing materials accessed by a lot of people, or many frequently updated documents.

Millicare, a multi-unit flooring franchise, thought they had found the solution with an online, web-to-print site. Intended to be a time- and money-saver for the company, the site met with resistance from franchisees and got few visits.


Millicare called in the digital specialists from Allegra Marketing Print Mail to develop a new site. With technologies and support unmatched by the previous provider, Millicare could now host a wide range of branded materials on a user-friendly site and count on dedicated support from the Allegra team.

  • In the first few months after launch, more than one-third of Millicare’s franchise locations had visited the site.
  • The portal features more than 120 products including apparel, badges, marketing collateral, sales tools and promotional products. More than 75 orders were placed during the first seven months.
  • The company maintains full branding control, ensuring standards are met and only current marketing materials are in the marketplace.
Why Web-to-Print Solutions Work!

Research shows that the average organization discards up to 25% of its print inventory or continues to use outdated materials. A better way? Yes! Businesses that have a consistent, well-managed brand are worth up to 20% more than those that don’t.

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