When To Replace Your Custom Vehicle Graphics

When To Replace Your Custom Vehicle Graphics | Allegra

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Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, mobile, or operates solely online, you can benefit from custom vehicle graphics on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

When your marketing is on the move, more people are exposed to your business just by seeing your car in a parking lot or driving around. Ultimately, it is a low-cost way of getting your business out to the masses.

When Is It Time For New Vehicle Graphics?

You may already see the benefits of this form of marketing, but it is important to keep in mind that as with all marketing strategies, it is never one and done. Eventually, it will be time to refresh your vehicle graphics.

Here are the two primary reasons that a refresh is necessary:

Your Custom Vehicle Graphic Is Damaged

When vehicle graphics are taken care of, they can last for years, giving you the most for your investment. But nothing lasts forever, and eventually your graphics will submit to general wear and tear. Over time, they may become damaged or difficult to read as a result of:

  • Fading due to continuous sun exposure
  • Improper cleaning that causes a buildup of dirt or grime that leads to peeling
  • Contaminants or spills that lead to stains that change the look of your graphic

Any form of marketing needs to be legible. If people can’t read your business name or figure out what your business does based on the vehicle graphic, that’s a problem. A damaged vehicle graphic sends an unclear message and loses its marketing value.

You Are Updating Your Business Marketing Strategy

In an ideal world, you will be able to promote your business with your custom vehicle graphic without needing to replace it due to damage. It is actually better to replace it before it gets to this point.

That said, the same marketing strategy can eventually grow stale. If you choose to update your logo or overhaul your brand completely, your custom vehicle graphics need to align with that change as well. Remember, brand consistency is key. You need to deliver a consistent brand message at all times so your current and potential customers feel confident in choosing your business.

Allegra Provides Custom Vehicle Graphics To Promote Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business or need to refresh your current vehicle decals, Allegra has you covered. You can rely on our team of professionals for:

  • Custom vehicle decals
  • Magnetic car door and magnetic car top signs
  • Perforated vinyl window graphics and decals
  • Cut vinyl lettering and numerals

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