Is Marketing A Sixth Sense?

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Marketing Insider - Use Your Senses

Engage donors and increase donations by appealing to all of their senses.

When you want to appeal to donors, it requires proper consideration and time to think about the kind of campaigns that will generate the largest contributions to your healthcare facility. With proper planning and the right list of attendees, your fundraising event can raise thousands – or, in some cases, hundreds of thousands – that can go towards medical research, facility expansions and equipment that can save lives.

While you already know that fundraising is critical, keep in mind how the most successful events appeal to all five senses.

  • Smell. When an attendee walks into a room, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it comfort? Hunger? A childhood memory? Amplify this experience by developing décor to set the mood and enhance how your guests breathe in your event.
  • Sight. Looking around the room, are people able to understand what they are contributing towards? Is there information to tell a story? Do your signs show how funds will be invested?
  • Sound. How will your evening be remembered? Will it be an emotional appeal from a survivor? An orchestra of strong and talented individuals? Toasts that highlight large donors or even videos that combine both voice and music to tell an impactful story? Control the narrative of the evening by thinking about everything they will hear.
  • Touch. While it’s easy to cut back on expenses to try to increase the profit behind these events, touch is something that appeals to the majority, so don’t cut too many corners. Think about name cards, napkins, tablecloths and even any literature that you are going to distribute – what does it say about your facility? Will they leave feeling like they are contributing to a worthy endeavor?
  • Taste. It’s tempting to try to control all of the elements of the evening, from the menu down to the bartenders. Though it’s important to have a handle on things, it’s also important to remember that you won’t decide what everyone decides to eat. Keep in mind that it’s only one piece of the overall equation of your event.

Sixth Sense

Finally, let’s talk about the sixth sense: marketing. Some people have the natural ability to orchestrate and envision an entire event. Whether you’re already a marketing visionary or if you need a bit of guidance, we’re here to help. Contact us today to help make your vision a reality at your next event.


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