Every business knows that maintaining a pipeline of new sales prospects is essential for consistent growth. The challenging part is often figuring out how to generate those leads. Developing new lead generation ideas can be something that many businesses struggle with at some point.

If the phone isn’t ringing, neither will the cash register. You need to maintain a steady flow of new inquiries and requests in order to maintain that pipeline of prospects – and to ensure the future of your business. Knowing where to start can be tough – but you have a partner for lead generation in Allegra.

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Lead generation marketing is the process of capturing and cultivating a potential customer's interest in the products or services a company offers.

Allegra's lead generation services can help you identify new opportunities and rethink old tactics to capture qualified marketing leads. To get prospects interested in a product or service, one single solution is never enough. The best lead generation strategies combine different channels. This is known as cross-channel marketing or multi-channel marketing.


A national process control solutions and fabrication company that had recently partnered with an international gas detection distributor wanted to create customer and industry awareness of a new line of personal gas detection products. The company had a secondary goal to be recognized as a workplace safety proponent, as the new product line could contribute to a safer work environment.


Allegra Marketing Print Mail partnered with the company to launch a multi-channel awareness and lead generation campaign to promote the new product line. An email promoting a product demonstration offer was sent to existing customers, driving them to a campaign microsite. The offer featured an incentive of a data logging/calibration software package when a demo was completed. For lead generation, a press release was distributed to trade publications, also directing interested parties to the microsite where they could view product specs and request a demo.


Early results show the multi-channel marketing approach to be effective in generating both awareness and leads for this company’s highly technical product line.

  • The press release was picked up in multiple trade publications, reaching a key target audience.
  • The email promotion had an open rate of more than 22% and a 7% click-through rate
  • Several appointments with the sales team were generated.
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