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Floor Graphics

Take advantage of what can be valuable, but often overlooked, promotional real estate: the floor beneath your feet! Thanks to exciting new materials, floor space can become marketing space. Turn to Allegra for custom floor graphics that can be contour cut to any shape! Our design professionals create imagery for the floor in order to welcome, captivate, inform and direct.  

How can custom floor graphics enhance the customer experience?

Make the most of the floors of your business. Removable floor decals are an excellent way to:
•    Communicate with your customer 
•    Lead visitors through your space
•    Promote special messages
•    Showcase your business personality
•    Add fun and color

Discover for yourself the difference custom floor graphics can have in winning the attention of your customers.

With Allegra, you not only receive a stunning design that aligns with your brand identity, but a finished product that holds up. We employ print technology that provides a crisp, bold and long-lasting product. The materials we use are more durable, cleanable, and versatile than ever before, with an anti-slip surface making them safe for foot traffic.

Can I use floor graphics at trade shows?

Yes – it's easy to improve your trade show displays by integrating floor graphics. Your business needs to stand out in ways that make sense. At events like a trade show, having the right promotional materials to capture the attention of your audience is a must. Floor graphics can be a clever, cost-effective way to bring more people to your booth.

Where can I use floor graphics indoors?

Think outside the box when it comes to using floor decals and graphics. They work wonderfully in various situations including:

•    Floor decals at grocery stores or other retail locations can inform customers about specials as they enter, or while they wait in line at customer service, the deli, the pharmacy, or even the checkout line.
•    Restaurants or bars can use floor graphics to advertise new menu items, happy hours, events, specials, and more.
•    Corporate buildings can use floor signage to provide directions to offices or as an opportunity to increase brand awareness.
•    Implement floor decals for schools for traffic flow, showing students and staff where to stand, or to provide them with directional cues to navigate through the building.

Depend on Allegra for quality floor graphics. We listen to your needs and strive to understand the intricacies of your business to produce quality work. We handle every step of the process from graphic design to installation.

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