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LEADMatch Smart marketing for your business

You have a website for your business – but do you know who’s visiting it? Knowing more about who’s spending time on your company website can help you make more accurate decisions about how to market to your audience. Learn more about your web traffic and about who’s generating it with LEADMatch.

LEADMatch is a patent-pending, 300+ point matching system that identifies unique visitors to your website. The data you gain from this service can include the visitor’s name, address, phone and email address – meaning you can help personalize your marketing efforts to reach them directly.

With LEADMatch data, you can obtain an address list of your website visitors, and then mail directly to these visitors who are warm leads.

How LEADMatch works:

Website visitors are matched back to their postal addresses using the newest, most cutting-edge technology available. This process is accomplished through a variety of systems, including IP addresses, device IDs, cookies and a 300+ point match based on online activity.

The LEADMatch system can be divided into two main categories: measurement and attribution of direct mail, and building a mailing list of unique website visitors.


Case Studies:

One LEADMatch client included a well-positioned, unique vanity URL for their website in an effort to capture attribution, or what produced the website visit, but only 61 recipients navigated to it. Using LEADMatch technology, this client achieved more than 30,000 website visitors who had not visited the vanity URL, but who instead were traced back to a mailing.

The vast majority of attributable website visits would not have been recognized without using LEADMatch technology and proper direct mail measurement. The result saw a 6.5% conversion rate

Another client, an online specialty food retailer, sought to address the issue of abandoned online shopping carts. They saw 2,857 abandoned carts over the course of a 30-day period. By using LEADMatch to send direct mail marketing directly to these individuals, more than 58% of consumers who were targeted with these mailers completed their purchase within three weeks of receiving the mailer.

Want to learn more about what LEADMatch can do for your website and your business? Contact Allegra to set up a consultation and discuss more.

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