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Employee Recruiting
We successfully help companies find workers

Today’s common headline reads like “Labor Shortage: Companies Struggling to Find Workers”.

Is this you? Are you struggling with a growing list of open job slots that you’re unable to fill despite a big budget spending on the most prominent online job sites?

We utilize direct mail to help organizations recruit new employees. We’re able to develop highly targeted lists to improve the odds of communicating with the right people as well as cut through the wave of electronic communications that get their organizations noticed.

One customer was struggling to find warehouse and production workers. With a budget of $18,000, we launched a mailing to 34,000 households located within a 10-mile radius of their facility. Since these were unskilled labor positions, they had us target households with 16-to-25 year olds, thinking that they might be eager to find a job with a significantly higher pay rate than found at a fast food restaurant, as well as benefits that again would unlikely be matched in fast food.

Within 4 weeks, our customer received 300 responses to their single mailing…they were more than happy with the response. Note, as good marketers, we advised more than a single mailing, or touch, to the same audience would be even more effective. However, the customer was happy, being able to fill their open positions with this highly successful recruiting campaign.

How might we be able to help you? We can help you find new employees for both blue collar and professional positions.

Our consumer databases contain a great deal of demographic data including such information as income, net worth, age, gender, level of education, profession and ethnicity.

Going beyond demographics, the databases contain behavioral traits and interests…a host of ways to segment or identify individual characteristics.

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