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Today’s common headline reads “Labor Shortage: Companies Struggling to Find Workers”.

Is this you? Employment recruitment is harder than it’s ever been. We focus on using direct mail to cut through the highly competitive online recruiting ads for people.

With direct mail, yours can be one of a select few pieces of mail, probably the only employee recruiting mail, that your prospect will receive.

One customer was focused on recruiting 16-to-25 year olds and believed their prospective employees wouldn’t mind driving more than 10 miles to work. Within 4 weeks of a single mailing, they received 300 phone call inquiries from a mailing of 34,000 pieces, almost a 1% response rate from this one mailing, satisfying their need for filling open positions.

Another project was intended to recruit women 40-55 years old living within a 10 mile radius of a facility. The customer received 115 phone inquiries about the jobs within a couple of weeks of mailing 17,200 letters, almost a 1% response.

How might we be able to help you? We can help you find new employees for both blue collar and professional positions. Call us to start learning how.

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