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One of the big supporters of direct mail marketing is, believe it or not, Google. And for good reasons.

They, like other marketers in the digital space, know physical mail works. It’s personal, tactile and when targeted and executed in the right way, it generates response like no other medium. That response is gained at a lower cost for many of its most sophisticated users. But direct mail done right requires access to the best databases and knowledge of the research-backed techniques that leverage its power. We’ve got access to all the best data and best practices to make your campaign a success.

Let the direct mail professionals at Allegra Portage help you put the power of mail to work for you.  We offer a variety of services to help get your next direct mail campaign bringing you real results by driving traffic to your storefront, your website, or generating call-in leads to grow your company's sales.

It starts with the list, coupled with powerful Creative Graphic Design, and a great call to action.  We can help you with online response Landing Pages, custom phone numbers, or unique email addresses to track campaign responses and collect sales leads.  We'll help you acquire or manage your list, design the perfect piece, and then print and deliver your mail directly to the United States Postal Service. 

Only when you measure your marketing efforts can you truly know where your dollars are well spent, and Allegra has the tools to help you.

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It was so refreshing to work with Kathy! She is so friendly and professional. And Jane answered every email promptly. She did such a beautiful job with all my projects in record time!! Thanks to all!

Brenda M, *Walk-In, August 2023.

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