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Website design and development: customize your campaign and track results

Allegra - Creative Marketing Group

Website Design and Development

The foundation of a great online presence is your website, built with your strategic goals in mind. Designed for the user, a good website is easy to navigate, easy to read and simple to use, and helps you integrate your print and web communications into multi-channel campaigns.  Your website is like the seat of a chair.  Without 4 other legs to hold it up, it may not bring the results you need.

There are four key elements to getting your site found online as well.  Just like the sturdy legs that hold up a solid chair.

  • Search Engine Optimization - easily the most important part of a getting a great website found online
  • Paid Search Advertising - whether it's through Google Ads, the Google Display Network, Youtube, LinkedIn, or other outlets, paid search can drive real site traffic.
  • Local Directory Listings - making sure you business is located on maps, and all contact services are listed at hundreds of outlets, this leg of the chair provides strong offsite SEO
  • Social Media Management - Social is often overlooked in its ability to boost site traffic, and a great social strategy is easy to deploy and manage.

A good offline strategy that includes direct mail, mass media, or collateral materials to drive traffic to your site will also help boost overall site visits, conversions, and sales.

For any size business, a website is a must-have. Our web design experts will show you how you can have a site that:

  • Sells your services online.
  • Incorporates your brand identity.
  • Delivers your marketing messages.
  • Collects high quality leads.
  • Is designed and optimized for best search engine results.
  • Links business data to deliver personal interactions with your clients.

Digital media and web marketing change regularly, and a good offline strategy, coupled with an online strategy will work hand-in-hand to deliver the results you're after. We can show you innovative ways to use print and email communications to drive traffic to your site. Or, enhance a direct mail promotion by including a Personalized URL.  Other mass media outlets can drive site traffic too, which builds leads, and provides the revenue growth you're after.

At Allegra, we stay on the leading edge, guiding you to best practices whether you are new to web-based marketing or an old pro.  Our Team of Web Experts have years of experience, and the most up to date training on new design and marketing methods.  We're happy to schedule an initial consultation with you anytime at Creative Marketing Group

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