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Here at Allegra, we understand the importance of branded apparel as well as keeping and building a solid company image. In doing so you can not only increase the visibility of your brand but raise the level of professionalism.

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Maintain brand consistency. From customer service representatives to delivery drivers. Your staff should be easily identifiable with branded apparel.

Award customer loyalty. A promotional shirt, hat or even scarf can go a long way with customers. It’s a special way of saying thank you and keeping your brand top of mind.

Stay in touch with remote workers. While we can never replace in person interactions, we can supplement that feeling by showing them appreciation for a job well done with branded apparel. Sending a special item to say “thanks” can let them know that you are thinking about them.

Say thanks to special donors. Businesses aren’t the only ones that should be using apparel as part of their marketing strategy. Many nonprofit organizations us it to reward loyal donors or use it as an incentive to donate a higher amount to the cause.

Pump up school spirit. Apparel isn’t just for the corporate scene. Branded shirts or hooded sweatshirts are a great way to amp up school spirit for both students and alumni.

Keep workers safe. Employees that can easily be seen in high traffic areas or manufacturing plants can decrease the likelihood of an incident. We can help you identify the right neon colors or even imprint a safety vest.

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Incorporate Branded Apparel Into Your Corporate Image.

Apparel is only one way to increase the visibility of your business or organization. Give us a call today so we can give you a free consult on how you can:Caps

Add other promotional products to create a memorable gift.

Maintain that brand integrity through your marketing materials.

Pair your vehicle graphic design with your apparel to maintain consistency.

Promote donor incentives with direct mail.

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