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Comprehensive Marketing, Print and Mail Services in Harrisburg

An essential part of your business is fine-tuning the message you convey to your customers and prospects. That means effective and engaging communication is an absolute must, no matter who your target audience is. Communicate your message clearly by coming to Allegra Harrisburg for marketing, print and mailing services. Our team, located in Harrisburg, PA, is committed to creating a customized and effective marketing strategy for your company.



Contact us today and say hello to your team. We are ready to get to work.


Chief Financial Officer

Contact us today and say hello to your team. We are ready to get to work.


Production Manager

Jim's background includes having roughly 7 years of mailing and production experience. Jim does an excellent job getting mailing jobs out the door done and on time. He also ensures that everyone is on point and fulfilling their responsibilities. Without Jim around, it would make it very difficult to get things done.



Mark is our installer and is responsible for doing all of our vehicle wraps and signage jobs. He does an outstanding job of ensuring each job is done with precision and care.


Customer Service and Graphic Designer

Barb has been with us since 2015 and has been our graphic designer for roughly a year and a half. For any customers that need logos or designs done, Barb gets it done. She ensures each design is detailed exactly the way the customer asks. With Barb's creativity, you never have to worry about a logo or design turning out bad.


Signs and Graphics

Ed's background includes having 40 years in the signage industry, as well as 7 years working with graphic design. He has been with us for roughly 7 years now as our sign guru! He works in customer service. If a customer needs signage work done, Ed is the first person they talk to. He ensures every job is what the customer is asking for, gives it the OK, and passes it onto production.


Account Executive

Tracey has been with Allegra for the better part of 15 years! She assists clients in targeting, acquiring, and communicating with customers. Tracey also works with Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, Hershey Partnership, and BNI Harrisburg Capital Region. Clearly, no two days are the same for Tracey.


Marketing/Production Assistant

Adrian is one of our newest employees, having only been with us for a few months, Adrian does his best to learn the ins and outs of Allegra. He assists in many different social media outlets, marketing projects, etc. Adrian is also the muscle of Allegra, literally. He takes care of all the pick ups, deliveries, and mail runs.

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