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Connect With Your Audience With Direct Mail Marketing

Although leveraging email and social media is a must, you don’t want to neglect the impact of direct mail marketing and printed materials. Alternative, “old-school” channels like direct mail are seeing a resurgence by startups and new businesses trying to get the attention of potential customers. Direct advertising mail campaigns allow you to directly access your audience, and they are trackable return on investments.

Five Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Before beginning a marketing campaign, you need to make sure you know your audience. Who is your ideal customer and what benefits can you offer them? Know your target audience inside and out to help you generate or purchase mailing lists, so you get the most responsive audience.

2. Keep It Personal

You are sending items like direct mail postcards, newsletters, flyers, etc. to a large group of people, but you can still personalize them. Including the name of the recipient, a personalized QR code, and imagery from the local area are all ways you can add a personal touch to your campaign.

3. Test Your Campaign

Once you have your audience, choose a small sample size to send it to. This gives you the opportunity to tweak your direct mail campaign and, if necessary, to give yourself the most bang for your buck.

4. Include Irresistible Offers

According to a study run by CouponFollow in February of 2022, 9% of millennials—people between the age of 25 and 40—prefer to receive deals and coupons in the mail. And the fact of the matter is, regardless of the age of your target market, people are more likely to act if there is an incentive. “What’s in it for me?” is always at the top of their minds. A discount, a free sample or a giveaway for the first one hundred customers—all of these are options to include in your direct mail campaign.

5. Track Responses With Promotional Codes

Don’t forget to track your responses. Including a promotional code makes it so that you know how effective your campaign truly is. It also allows you to retarget converting customers with future campaigns.

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