Monument and Pylon Signs

Monument signs are ground mounted signs that are not attached to a building. Pylon signs are very high and can be seen from the highway or on a busy street. These types of signs are appropriate to larger buildings, or to a complex with multiple buildings. We offer a variety of sizes and materials that can be integrated into any environment.

Monument signs are typically incorporated into locations that have on-site parking with access driveways, building entry walkways, and landscaping. We can provide signs with masonry brick or stone bases. We also offer alternative materials such as high-density urethane. This material can take on the look and feel of a masonry monument sign at a much lower price point. Looking for a monument sign at an even lower price point? All-aluminum structures can be custom painted with a multitude of sign face choices.

Joint tenant signs display the names of tenant of a business complex. These kinds of signs must differentiate the various business. Sometimes property management will have guidelines as to how the business names and logos should appear on the signs. We will work with all parties to make sure your business has the most effective sign to showcase your name and identity.

Lighting your monument sign can be done in a variety of ways. All of our electrical monument signs are UL listed and certified. We use LED lighting to assure the brightness, longevity, and cost effectiveness. The faces and be internally-lit or halo-lit, much like our electrical building signs.

We also provide electronic message centers for your monument sign. EMC’s are defined as a variable message sign that utilizes computer-generated messages with changing copy. These signs must conform to the city regulations. We will work with the city to provide the necessary permits that comply with the regulations.

We can offer design and installation of just about any monument sign type you can imagine. Let us help you get started today.monument and pylon signs
monument and pylon signs
monument and pylon signs

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