The Power of Promotional Products: Are They Still Relevant?

The Power of Promotional Products: Are They Still Relevant? | Allegra Winston-Salem

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Promotional marketing products are a staple for many businesses when they visit trade shows, conferences and other types of events. But do they still drive impressions and bring in new customers?

Why Promotional Products Still Matter in Marketing

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that 58% of customers keep a promo product from at least one to as many as four or more years, creating thousands of positive impressions for your business. There are few reasons why promotional products still succeed in today’s marketing landscape:

Tangible Connection

Unlike digital marketing tactics that can easily be scrolled by and forgotten, promotional products create a tangible, lasting connection with consumers. Whether it's a branded notebook, mug, or tote bag, these items serve as a constant reminder of your brand, fostering a sense of loyalty and familiarity with loyal customers and new prospects.

Extended Reach

Promotional products have the potential to reach a broader audience beyond the initial recipient. When someone uses or wears a branded item, they essentially become a walking advertisement, exposing your brand to others wherever they go.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Despite the initial investment, promotional products offer long-term marketing benefits at a relatively low cost per impression. Unlike digital ads that require ongoing funds for exposure, a well-designed promotional item can continue to promote your brand for long periods of time without any extra investment.

How Can You Maximize Your Promo Products?

Before choosing which promotional products you want for your business, it’s important to brainstorm ideas and choose items that align with your brand identity and resonate with your customers.

Understand Your Audience

To maximize the impact of your promotional products, it's crucial to keep your audience and customer base in mind. A product that aligns with their needs is more likely to be used regularly, increasing impressions.

Focus on Quality

While cost-effective options are tempting, prioritizing quality is essential for creating positive impressions. High-quality products not only reflect well on your brand but also have a longer lifespan, ensuring prolonged exposure and better ROI.

We can access any promotional product available, along with the research about which ones deliver long-lasting brand awareness and the right connection with your audience. Our promotional products experts love to be personal shoppers; give us a mission and we’ll find the right products. Let’s get started!


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