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Training manuals are a necessary resource for many companies, from safety protocols to customer service processes. They organize your company’s processes for teaching employees when they first join your organization, they outline your company’s values, rules, and mission, and they provide a resource for employees to refer to later on if they need a refresher. These materials are a crucial tool for many human resource departments, and can even protect companies by clearly outlining all of their policies and procedures, helping to safeguard them from liability.

What are the building blocks to creating effective training manuals? Clarity and convenience. Intuitive organization. Fast access to the most visited sections. User-friendly fonts and graphics. Maybe tabs are the answer. Maybe the color-coding of sections. Maybe special, expandable foldout sections.

And what about the user’s environment; office or shop floor, indoor or outdoor? Will the manual be a one-time use item, or will the user be keeping it for a long period of time and need to refer to it often? Your company’s manual is also an extension of your image. How should it be designed so that it is cohesive with all of the rest of your organization’s branding?

Let’s work together to run down all the requirements of your educational materials and make decisions that will create the best user experience. Be sure to ask us about new, ultra-durable materials and binding methods for lasting power. With our extensive array of printing and binding services, we will help you produce a high-quality company manual.

Need clarification on what’s expected before sending your files for print? Visit our printing file prep page to learn more.

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