Think Flyers Are An Outdated Marketing Tool? Think Again!

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With the increase in digital advertising through SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media marketing, flyers may feel like a marketing tool of the past, but they are still as relevant as ever! Flyers continue to be a cost-efficient, tangible and effective means of advertising a wide range of things for your business, from sales and announcements to events and more.

Allegra provides flyer printing services for your business, with benefits that include:

1. Low cost: Flyers allow you to get considerable results at a low cost. Large quantities can be printed without a big expense, and distribution costs can be minimal as well.

2. Easy distribution: Flyers are an easy marketing material to hand to customers or potential customers when they visit your store, stop by your booth at a convention or attend an event that your business is present at. They can also easily be included in direct mail campaigns by being added to letters, pamphlets or business publications such as magazines or newsletters.

3. Effective tracking: By adding a QR code, coupon code, personal URL or other tracking tool to your flyers, you can track who is receiving them and responding to them, allowing you to measure their effectiveness.

4. Complementing digital marketing efforts: Add a QR code to your flyer that links recipients to your social media profiles, website or email address.

5. Encouraging repeat business: Flyers that are inserted into packages for products purchased online or into shopping bags for purchases made in store can include an incentive such as a coupon for future purchases or information about upcoming sales.

With flyer printing services from Allegra, there are a multitude of ways that you can advertise your business, increase brand awareness and boost sales. Our professionals can help you choose the right size and paper stock for your flyers, with options ranging from simple black and white to full-color productions. We can even provide graphic design services if you aren’t sure about your flyer’s design, or don’t have a graphic designer on your company’s staff.

Contact Allegra to discuss all your flyer printing needs, along with any other print marketing needs that you have, including booklets, pamphlets, brochures, business cards and more. Your business can even use our WorkStream™ eCommerce platform to ensure that all your flyers and other printed materials can be accessed across all your locations. Let’s get started on your flyer project!


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