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Our combination of personal service and progressive technology helps make it easy to assemble your materials, secure copyright permissions, duplicate and bind your coursepack into a customized, quality product. 

  • Instructor Copies - We feature a free instructor copy with each order, available digitally or in hard copy. 
  • Content set up - We can scan the pages of the books and journals you want to include, or we can work from your digital files. You decide what works best for you. 
  • Page Numbering - We feature free numbering of the pages of your packet, and we can paginate your table of contents to match. 
  • Copyright Permissions - Our copyright associates work from over 400 publisher relationships, we are all experienced at getting the special permissions where needed. 
  • Teaching an online course - We offer an online bookstore, featuring digital as well as hard copy coursepacks, shipped directly to the address of your choice. 
  • Digital Archiving -  We make it easy to use your personally designed coursepack again and again. We archive every order, and you are always welcome to add or remove content, to keep your packet current. 
  • Student Pricing Discounts - Each semester we feature early order discounts for faculty that meet our deadlines. Our 'Best pricing discount" requires that your order is placed 6 weeks before classes start. 
  • Free pickup and delivery - We're on campus daily, with free pickup and delivery, and we welcome the chance to chat, if you ever have questions.

With title search capabilities available! 

Hardcopy OR Digital 

Online Store OR Local Bookstore  


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Contact Wes Siegrist, as he is always happy to help. Call 517-749-3988 or email him at

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