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Business forms probably aren’t the first thing that pop into your mind when you think about the day-to-day activity of running your company. But if you stop to take a moment to stop and count the number of forms that your business uses during everyday operations, you realize how important they are. It’s imperative to make sure these forms are professional, accurate and easy to use – and to ensure that they’re in stock whenever you might need them.

Just like everything else that represents your company or organization, you want to ensure that your business forms are branded in a way that’s reflective of your image and voice. Business forms should be uniform and represent your brand in a consistent way. These forms are an extension of your business, and they should make your clients feel confident in their decision to work with you. 

person filling out a formWhat kind of choices do I have for business forms?

Single sheet or multi-copy. Standard or custom size. Carbon or carbonless. Routine or specific to you. Name the form and we can help you produce it to be user-friendly, clear and functional. Carbonless forms, custom carbon copy forms and custom receipt books are just a few of the types of business forms we can help you with.

Call on Allegra for custom business forms, including:

• Bills of Lading
• Contracts
• Gift Certificates
• Invoices and Statement Forms
• Proposals/Estimates
• Purchase Orders
• Receipt Books
• Register Forms
• Sales Forms
• Service Forms
• UCC and Permit Forms

Whether you need forms for your internal operations or forms that are given to customers, we will help ensure that your business forms are as professional in appearance as all your other corporate identity materials. Contact Allegra today to begin your business forms project, and ask about our other services including professional printing, graphic design and more.

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Customer Testimonials

I have been with you for many years now. It is because of our Sales Rep and his attention to the details of my order, making sure the delivery takes place correctly by ensuring it gets to the proper department and that I receive the packing slip, to also ensuring the invoicing is correct before sending it to me. and when there have been a glitch he follows up immediately and correcs it and that is why I stay with Allegra- he is very easy to work with and very much the professional!

B Koviak, THESAL - The Salvation Army, August 2017.

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