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Allegra Fairfax is committed to support Non-profit organizations in many ways.  Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your upcoming project or vision.    Together, we will put together a beautiful product in no time.

Allegra is proud to serve the Northern Virginia and DC Metropolitan area, and we recognize that our business can only remain as strong as the community we serve. We are committed to educating our customers about print and graphic communications techniques that will make the most of their messages and resources.  Please call the owner of Allegra Fairfax, Oanh Henry, to discuss your mission.  We are responsive to your needs, so, don’t hesitate to call.

Nonprofit Organizations

We are especially dedicated to helping charities, schools, healthcare institutions, trade and business associations, and other nonprofit organizations – whether to attract volunteers, generate funding, or make other contributions. Faced with increasing competition, they must strengthen their visibility and name recognition to effectively serve our community, and we are happy to support their efforts in kind.

If you represent a local nonprofit, please contact us to see how we can help your organization. Links to some of the current groups we are currently working with:

  • Allegra Fairfax has been working with Pathway Homes to serve their mission in providing non-time-limited housing and supportive services to adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disabilities in Northern Virginia.  To learn more about this organization, either call Oanh at Allegra Fairfax or check out the web site
  • There is no questions in how far Allegra Fairfax help will extend...Aldie, VA.   This is where Friends of Homless Animals (Friends of Homeless Animals Virginia | Saving Lives Since 1973 ( is located.  They save animals lives and give them shelter, medical needs, and find them a home.  Allegra Fairfax loves their mission and everone at FOHA is super caring and so authentic.  We love helping them with their events marketing campaign, their annual appeal process with mailings, designing and printing their signage for their location.
  • Speaking of multi-cultural experience, we work with the Heritage Culture and Camp organization who’s focus is to keeping kids connected to their heritage so that they are well rounded individuals with a positive self image and a greater sense of community with their peers. In addition, it is committed to creating support groups in bringing together parents of Ethiopian children to share their great common goal of raising self-assured and well-adjusted Ethiopian-Americans. (
  • Tigerlily Foundation and Allegra Fairfax team up to do some amazing things for their events throughout the year.  This Non-Profit Organization is dedicated to educate, advocate for, empower & provide hands-on services & support to young women, before, during & after breast cancer. (learn more about Tigerlily Foundation through

Networking Organizations

In addition to supporting the local nonprofit organization, our company is very active in the local business networking activities.  We understand the importance of giving and getting qualified referrals from the members and their network.

  • Allegra Fairfax is not a stranger with The Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce anymore as we joined the chamber in the spring of 2013.  We already extended our services to the chamber with their Taste of Reston, Restaurant week, and October fest events.  Thank you to the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce for trusting us in producing collaterals for thousands of visitors at these events.  Check out the chamber’s web site if you are interested in joining or just to find out the calendar for their next events.
  • BNI of Centerville
  • BNI of Virginia – our Allegra Fairfax center belongs to a business networking international of the Centreville chapter.  This BNI is strictly using a warm referral process and it works for our business.  If you are looking to market your business and / or interested in growing your business, please contact the owner of this Allegra Fairfax, Oanh Henry, and she will connect you with the right group of people.  We would love to help you increase your revenues.   (
  • Our involvement with the Asian American Chamber ( to expand the service to the Asian Pacific American owned businesses in greater Washington DC area.  The chamber is now planning for its 4th annual awards gala on Feb 22, 2014.  The chamber introduces many businesses in the local area with such a diverse nationality and background.  Come and join us at this event and you will find out why Allegra Fairfax is proud to be a part of this organization.  Please check it out at You are welcome to contact Oanh Henry to visit this chamber.


The printing process can be resource intensive, but there are many “green practices” we can incorporate in our daily work routines to help diminish the amount of waste we generate. Here are some methods we are currently using:

  • Recycling Programs – From paper to ink to money and everything in between, recycling saves. It also reduces air pollution and waste to landfills.

  • Controlling Waste – By establishing inventory controls, we reduce waste and save cash. Sequencing print jobs by ink color saves ink changes and labor while eliminating waste.

  • Using Resources Wisely – Incorporating recycled papers – with high levels of post-consumer content – into your communications projects helps keep a lot of paper out of landfills.

  • Choosing “Smart” Inks – Using vegetable- or soy-based inks means less toxins and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air and soil.

You can choose print communications to be part of your mix … and feel good about it. Having a partner that knows what’s essential to you and your brand image makes the choices easy.

Local roots, local commitment, and a local business to support your work – that’s a pretty powerful combination. Talk to us today about your business or organization, and let’s see what we can build together.

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