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Inform, protect and promote with eye-catching visual communications

Manufacturing facilities rely on a lot of big things – big pieces of equipment, big warehouses and a large amount of staff to ensure that everything is running smoothly. But sometimes the small things can end up having the largest impact.

Everything from the smallest pieces of print marketing to your largest signs has an effect on your bottom line. You know how to handle all the moving pieces on your factory floor, but do you know how to manage the many aspects of a good marketing plan?

When it comes to your marketing, are you using smart strategies to help stand out from your competition? Are you effectively communicating with your vendors, employees, suppliers and clients? 

Here are just a few of the ways that Allegra can help you market your manufacturing facility.


Manufacturing facilities rely on printed materials as a crucial part of their daily operations. Product outlines, training manuals, instruction booklets and more are important for your staff to be able to safely and successfully perform their jobs.

Your business also relies on print marketing materials to communicate with customers and clients. Keeping them informed of new products and services is easy with the right print marketing materials.

Count on us to provide:

  • Training manuals
  • Instruction booklets
  • Notecards and stationery
  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Brochures and informational handouts


Maintaining safety throughout your facility is critical, so ensure that your building is adhering to all regulatory mandates and standards with signs and graphics from Allegra. You also want to make sure that everyone knows where they’re going at all times, and of course, you want to highlight your company’s unique branding. Work with us to develop a complete visual communications solution that complements your brand, all while guiding and protecting staff and visitors.

Ask us about signage solutions for your manufacturing facility, including:

  • Directional and wayfinding signs
  • Safety signs
  • Regulatory signs
  • Lobby and reception signs
  • Temporary signs
  • Window, wall, ceiling and floor graphics


Maintaining ongoing communication with your clients, vendors and suppliers plays a key part in the long-term success of your facility. Mailing campaigns are a great marketing effort to help connect to current and prospective clients alike.

Your local Allegra team can provide you with practical solutions to personalize and manage all your mailing needs, such as:

  • Postcards and flyers
  • Catalogs
  • Personalized mailings
  • List management
  • Dimensional mailers


If you’re looking to take your marketing efforts up a notch for your facility, Allegra can help. We have a wide array of marketing services available to you, backed by a team with the expertise to execute any campaign to your benefit. We’ll help you attract new clients, retain existing ones and enhance your overall communication strategy.

Talk to us about:

  • Direct mail marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Multichannel marketing

When you’re ready to take the next step in marketing your manufacturing facility, contact us to set up a free consultation. We’ll work with you to determine and achieve your communications goals so that you have more time to focus your energy on everything else going on at your plant.

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