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Show your clients, potential customers, and employees that your company places value on being safe and prepared. They will never know in advance when they’ll need a health and safety product. But they will know who to thank if the item that saves the day is branded with your company’s name and logo.

Turn to Allegra to access the perfect health and safety promotional giveaways with your business prominently featured.

What Health-Related Promotional Items Can My Business Use?

At Allegra, your choices in safety promotional items with your logo are vast, meaning there’s sure to be one that matches your budget.

Some products, such as custom protective eyewear, are workplace related.

Others, such as travel flashlights and vehicle escape tools, are popular with drivers.

Many promotional products from Allegra, including branded sunscreen, logoed lip balm and branded hand sanitizer, are appreciated by everyone.

Custom flashlights, branded first aid kits and logoed forehead thermometers are also great standbys for gift recipients to have on-hand at home, in a desk drawer or in a glove box.

Providing these types of items instills a feeling of trust and confidence in your business.

Use these simple promotional items as part of your organization’s safety protocols. There are many ways to creatively help your customers or clients while also taking advantage of a marketing opportunity, and we can help!

If guests frequently need to use a pen when they arrive at your facility, make sure it’s a logoed pen, and let them take it with them after using it to avoid potentially passing along germs.

Most places require face masks for anyone who enters, but sometimes people forget to bring a mask. If you keep a supply of reusable masks with your logo on them at your entrance, guests will be appreciative of you for providing a needed item, and they will most likely use the mask again later, which helps your brand exposure.

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The entire gang at Allegra has always been friendly, fun and efficient. Love working with them!

Timi J, Lakeland High, September 2023.

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