Taking Advantage of Variable Data Through Direct Mail

Taking Advantage of Variable Data | Allegra

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Direct mail is a powerful, tangible way to get in touch with both potential customers and return clients. Direct mail printing services can help you stand out from other mail with unique and compelling designs that benefit your business. 

One such advantage that direct mail offers these days is variable data printing. Variable data printing is a printing technique that is able to alter specific elements in your printed item, such as text, graphics or images. By importing specific data, you can tailor each message depending on the recipient.  

This personalization extends through content to ensure your target audience receives messages that correspond with their existing interests in your business’ services. Variable data allows you to send mail to individuals who have worked with or purchased from your business previously, sending them personalized offers on products or services you already know they like. 

Another advantage? Your newsletters, brochures or pamphlets can be written in the language used in the household you are sending them to, ensuring your recipients can understand and connect to your message no matter what their background is.? 

If you have a new product or service you're preparing to launch, now is the perfect time to reach out to your audience. Consider sending a special offer to direct mail recipients who have supported your business in the past to reinforce their engagement. ? 

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