Booklet Printing in Boulder, CO: Handy Ways to Inform, Train, or Sell


Do you need a straightforward and cost-effective owner's or instruction manual? Or a vibrant, full-color product guide booklet or magazine-style publication? Allegra provides expert booklet printing in Boulder, CO, and professional binding of multi-page documents.
Count on us to provide expert assistance in selecting paper stock, cover options and binding methods, among other considerations for your print booklet. Whether you require short-run printing, large quantities or specialized cover features like die-cutting or embossing, we have access to a wide range of materials and equipment to meet your needs. Additionally, you can rely on Allegra for top-notch booklet design and efficient distribution services. 

Many Booklet Printing Options to Choose From 

When you enlist our services, we will ask you about your specific requirements. If you prefer the pages of your booklet to lay flat when open, a coil binding offers an excellent solution, allowing you to read hands-free without having to hold the booklet open to a particular page. This option is especially advantageous for manuals, ensuring they stay open to the page the user is currently referencing. 
For other purposes, binding will securely attach the pages to the cover using glue, ensuring they stay in place. If you're looking for a cost-effective yet professional finish for your booklet, consider saddle stitch binding, where staples are inserted into the spine, securely holding the pages together. Unlike spiral binding, this method boasts a flat spine, allowing your booklet to effortlessly sit on a shelf alongside other books and binders. 
H2: Booklets are Great for Many Uses 
A booklet-style publication is an excellent choice for your organization's printed materials. Your booklets will make a striking impact during presentations or conventions, leaving a lasting impression as people tend to hold on to them for an extended duration, unlike flyers or brochures that are typically discarded after their information is consumed. 
If you need assistance with the process of how to print a booklet, visit our printing file prep page, which addresses frequently asked questions. Contact us today to learn more about our custom booklet printing services and other print offerings, such as brochure printing. Let's get started on your booklet project today!

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You guys are amazing to work with. The printing is always perfect, and you often rush things that we need quickly. Thank you for being a BIFF sponsor for 20 years. You've been amazing!

Kathy B, Boulder International Film Festival, March 2024.

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