When most people think of custom posters, they think about large paper or cardboard signs. And although we can help with that quickly and inexpensively, we can help you create custom posters that are even more creative and unique.

What if large could be huge? What if the graphics could include metallic or day-glo inks? What if the material could be fabric, vinyl or even metal? And what if you need framing or other display hardware? Well, Allegra Rochester can help with all of that too.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Branded Posters?

Branded posters and wall graphics offer long-term advertising exposure as opposed to other marketing methods like flyers or postcards. A custom poster is eye-catching, easy to spot and information can be read and understood quickly.

A great tip is to place posters or wall graphics in areas where your audience is captive – such as checkout lines, bathrooms or waiting rooms. A top advantage is that they offer continuous exposure, with the message being seen as long as the graphic is up, and many people likely seeing it repeatedly.

For those who don’t want to be limited by the typical definition of “poster,” the sky is the limit. Contact the sign pros at Allegra today to learn more about custom poster printing for your brand.

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