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One of the oldest forms of advertising, banners have never been more current. In fact, businesses and organizations that need to keep pace with today’s changing events and evolving regulations would be hard-pressed to find a more relevant solution!

Go as big — or as small — as needed

Need to communicate to passing motorists from a block away that you’ve reopened your business or are accepting pick-up orders? Allegra has a banner in a size for the front of your location or to cover an entire wall!

Would you like to alert visitors to new entry procedures as they step into your lobby? Or want to post a list of best health practices in the school cafeteria? You can find a banner in just the right size to fit any application.


Benefit from speed and economy

Compared to most other options, banners are easy to produce. That’s important in a time when success is best achieved by those who respond quickly to developments that unfold rapidly.

They’re also affordable. Unlike signs that are built in acrylic, aluminum or steel for years of use, banners are fabricated of vinyl or polyester fabric. These lower-cost materials are ideal for signage you’ll probably use over the course of several weeks or months.

Select from a wide range of types

There is no shortage of banner options. All have one thing in common — the ability to reproduce colors, graphics and type clearly! Options from Allegra include:

  • Indoor and outdoor banners: Whether rectangular, square or custom shaped, most vinyl or fabric banners include grommeted holes. That makes it easy for you to suspend them from ceilings, hang them from walls, mount them between two poles or tie them to fences.
  • Feather banners: Double-sided, feather banners attach to poles you’ll stake in the ground or mount on a base for flat surfaces. For even greater impact, mount several in a row!
  • Retractable banners: Complete with their own portable stands, these banners extend upward to display a message. Later, they retract into the base if you need to position them elsewhere or store them for later use.

Enjoy expert assistance with design

Highly experienced in banner design, rely on our talented team. They’re skilled at developing fresh designs. Alternately, they’ll add a professional touch to a concept you bring in and see it through to an attractive finished product.

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