Booklet Printing in Jackson: Handy Ways to Inform, Train or Sell


Do you need a simple, economical owner’s or instruction manual? Or perhaps a full-color, product guide booklet or magazine-style publication? At Allegra, booklet printing in Jackson, Tennessee and the binding of multi-page documents that are important to you and your organization are everyday projects for us.

When you work with us, you can expect our guidance in choosing paper stock, cover stocks, binding options, and more. Need short-run printing or extra-large quantities? Special cover requirements like die-cutting or embossing? We’ve got access to the materials and equipment to match every need. You can also count on Allegra for booklet design and distribution services.

Our booklet design experts will ask all the right questions. Do the pages of your booklet need to lie flat when it’s open? A coil binding is a good solution when you want your hands free while you read, rather than holding your booklet open to a page. This option is a great idea for a catalog showcasing your company’s products, allowing your customers to flip through easily and leave the booklet open on the page featuring items that they are interested in.

In other instances, a perfect binding keeps the pages in place with glue, attaching them securely to the cover. A saddle stitch binding is a super affordable way to get a professional finish to your booklet printing by inserting staples into the spine, holding the pages securely in place. Because this style of binding has a flat spine, as opposed to spiral binding, it will seamlessly fit onto a shelf alongside other books and binders.

Booklet binding is also a great option for your organization’s professional publications. These materials will stand out at your presentations or conventions and make a lasting impression when people keep them for a longer period of time, unlike a flyer or brochure which is often disposed of after its information is consumed.

Contact Allegra today to learn more about our custom booklet printing and other print services. We can also provide you with brochure printing, flyer printing, and more to satisfy all of your organization’s printed material needs.

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