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CEO & Chief Trouble Maker

My professional background prior to owning Allegra has been in the creative arts and graphic design, helping clients to effectively communicate their brands and messages. I have completed my Certified Marketing Specialist certification through the Canadian Marketing Association to help take our client's marketing to the next level. I am Creative Central and Marketing Central Certified with the Allegra University and have passed my certifications with Canada Post. Outside of office hours I enjoy time with family and friends, walking my dogs, puttering in my garden, travelling and cottaging. I have also been known to make an attempt at golfing on occasion. Contact:


Get'er Done - Production Lead

I have spent my entire career in the print industry from running the presses to teaching college students. I joined Zippy Print in 1986 as their first press operator and quickly moved up the ranks by marrying the boss' daughter! Today I enjoy making sure our clients have the high quality work they desire, delivered when they need it. I am Creative Central and Marketing Central Certified with the Allegra University and have passed my certifications with Canada Post. Contact:


First Impressions Officer

My professional background was in the press area of the print industry prior to joining Zippy Print in 1989 as their new Customer Service Representative. I have now been with the company through two generations of ownership and have just celebrated 30 years with Allegra. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my grandkids and working in my garden. Contact:


Fairy Godmother of Customer Care

After a successful education from Durham College for Advertising, I started with Allegra in the graphic design department where I happily created spectacular branded designs for our clients. After 6 wonderful years, I went off to expand my experience in the print industry... but I couldn't stay away. With the promise of getting a magic wand, I returned to Allegra as their Fairy Godmother of Customer Care! When I'm not making branding dreams come true, I enjoy things and stuff. Contact:


Design Maestro

After graduating from the Advertising & Graphic Design program at Humber College, I gained experience in the public and non-profit sectors, before finally settling into life in the private sector. My artistic passions include design for print, large format printing, and custom vinyl work. I take great pride in the accuracy of my design work. When I'm not pushing the mouse around the screen, you may find me cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs (BUDS ALL DAY!) or playing Dodgeball & Softball with chums. Contact:


Design Geek and Social Media Mixologist

Upon realizing that pursuing a degree in mathematics wasn't for me, I got my start as a graphic designer in the production department of a local newspaper, and have spent the years since learning the tools of the trade with a focus on designing for print. I am passionate about transforming your ideas and information into beautiful, professional designs. It's satisfying - just like a really good makeover! I love gaining new skills and also have training and experience in web design and social media marketing. I enjoy many creative pursuits outside of working hours including painting, illustration and digital scrapbooking. In my spare time you would find me spending time with my daughters, playing video games or enjoying a really good book. Contact me at


Sadie joined our team in 2010 when she was rescued from Attawapiskat, Ontario. She had big paws to fill to keep up with her big brother Willis, but took no time at all convincing the staff, clients and courier drivers that she hadn't eaten in months and deserved treats every hour on the hour. Sadie loves a little patch of sunshine and lots of belly rubs.


Maverick joined our team in July 2016 after a long journey from Alma, Quebec. He has settled in to life as a "working pup", and simply loves visits from clients and his favourite delivery drivers. Maverick has been known to charm staff and clients out of a banana!

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