What Types of Signage Do I Need for My Business?

What types of signs do I need for my business? | Allegra Marketing Print Mail

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Effective signage is necessary for your business to succeed. It tells the public what you do and offers you an opportunity to sell yourself, products, and services with effective messaging. If you are starting a new business for the first time or relocating to a new location, one of the key things you must consider is signage. But just adding new signs with no thought behind them is not the answer.

What is the Purpose of My Business Signage?

Before you can jump into the type of sign you need, you need to start with some basic questions:

  • Where will the sign be located (interior, exterior, front of the building, side of the building, etc.)?
  • Are you putting up multiple signs?
  • Is this a permanent or temporary location?
  • Are there city regulations that I need to follow? (If you do not follow city regulations, you may be forced to adjust or take down your business signs.)

After you have answered these questions, you can start considering the types of signs that you need to make your business – and marketing campaigns – successful.

Types of Signs for Businesses

At Allegra, we make it easy to design and print signs that are durable, clear, and visually appealing. Our team of experts can even guide you throughout the process to ensure that you get a quality product that supports and enhances your brand awareness efforts. We can make all the following types of business signs.

Main Exterior Sign: Your main exterior sign must have your name front and center. It should also have colorful graphics, look appealing, and be well-lit so people can easily recognize your business.

Window graphics: These are used to decorate your windows and can be replaced with seasonal offerings or promotions. For example, you could add some holiday-themed or temporary promotions business signs to entice passersby to enter to the store.

Open sign: No customer wants to get up to the front door and not tell whether the business is open. With a clear open/closed sign, you can immediately alert your customers to your status.

Store Hours: Ensure customers know your hours of operation with easy-to-read store hour signage. These can be placed on the entrance door or the storefront window near the door.

Why Invest in Business Signs?

Signs can provide a clear indicator of your service or the kinds of products that you sell. Lack of signage or old ones can be a turnoff for potential visitors. Allow Allegra to help you create quality custom signs that are durable and eye-catching and that are aligned with your brand. To invest in high-quality business signs, contact us today!


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