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Classrooms of all sizes and for all stages of learning need proper signage to create a welcoming, positive and impactful atmosphere for students. Make sure your school’s hallways, classrooms and other facilities are equipped for long-term success with the right kind of visual communications from Allegra.


Consider how you might use the following in your classroom or other school facilities:

Banners: Flags and banners of all sizes can easily attract attention when used outdoors. They’re ideal for promoting upcoming athletic or art events to your local community but can also be just as easily used indoors to help instill a little bit of extra school spirit.

Floor graphics: When placed well, floor graphics can help you direct the flow of foot traffic through busy hallways. If you have younger students, you can also appeal to their senses by creating colorful patterns or even games like hopscotch!

Posters: A well-decorated classroom becomes a place where students feel excited and inspired to learn. Posters are a cost-effective way to instill confidence in the classroom, promote upcoming events like dances, or just reinforce your school’s logo, mascot and colors.

Window graphics: If your school has classrooms that tend to heat up from large windows bringing in excessive sun exposure, consider using window graphics – you can display high-resolution images on perforated vinyl that helps to dilute the sun’s rays while promoting what makes your school special.

Yard signs: Do you need to promote an upcoming open house or other school events? Or are you just looking for a fun, cost-effective way to highlight your graduating students? Consider yard signs as an easy, visible way to promote and inform!

At Allegra, the possibilities for visual communications are limited only by your imagination. Contact us for more information on what kinds of signs and graphics may be best suited for your school!


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