Real Estate Marketing Essentials: Business Cards, Yard Signs, Open House Signs and Postcards

Real Estate Marketing Essentials: Business Cards, Yard Signs, Open House Signs and Postcards

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When brainstorming how you can use a diverse mix of business signs to promote your real estate agency, consider taking advantage of yard signs, business cards, open house signs, door hangers and postcards.

Keep in mind that visual design is only one element to successfully send the right message to existing and prospective clients. Each person will receive your message uniquely and act on it based on what is already going on in their life.

Perhaps they have been thinking of moving but don’t know a reliable real estate agent. Or they have been looking for a new home in a specific area but haven’t found the right neighborhood yet. Or they might be second-guessing their entire movie since it can be such a big change.

What Kind of Business Signs Does Your Real Estate Agency Need?

Sometimes a literal sign can also act as the symbolic sign someone has been searching for in their life. You have the power to provide that by including these creative business signs in your real estate agency’s marketing plan.

Real Estate Business Cards

Business cards are an imperative part of networking and creating meaningful connections in the real estate industry. This is your own little personal greeting that you can’t leave home without. You can get extremely creative with business cards these days, choosing from a variety of styles, finishes, fonts and even shapes. That said, you can’t go wrong with a simple white rectangle. Choose what works best for your personal real estate brand image and make sure you include your name, phone number, email, website and other important contact information.

Custom Yard Signs for Open Houses

Attract passersby and direct visitors with strategically placed custom yard signs. You will definitely want a few open house signs for every visibly approachable angle of the property, as well as a sign at the entrance of the community. This lets people know there is an open house happening and exactly where it is located.

Real Estate Door Hangers

Advertise your real estate business effectively by going door-to-door. You may not have the time or opportunity to speak with everyone in a given area, but you can leave behind real estate door hangers that let people know who you are and what services you provide. Perhaps there is an upcoming open house you want to get the word out about, or you just want to let people know you are in the neighborhood if they are thinking about selling and need a real estate agent to help them out. Regardless of what message you want to send, you will make sure it ends up in the right hands with this cost-effective signage option.

Welcome Home Postcards

You’ve helped someone find a home, whether it is a single person or a big family, and now everyone can celebrate! Part of the process includes a lovely welcome gift, perhaps champagne, a yummy-smelling candle and a personalized card to let them know how excited you are for this next chapter of their lives. Welcome home postcards can also be sent to follow up on your journey and let them know how much you appreciate working with them. They will take note of the personal touch and keep you in mind in the future if they decide to sell and purchase a new home again.

You can depend on Allegra for all of your real estate business sign needs. Contact us to talk to one of our professionals! We handle it all, from design to distribution.


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