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Tangible print media still has its place in today’s environment, even as things have largely gone digital. You can’t deny the eye-catching pull of a big, real-life banner that reads “Grand Opening” or “Happy Birthday” in large dazzling letters. It stirs excitement and causes a rippling impact for all who see it. From our perspective, a celebration is not complete without a banner to highlight what you are celebrating. Fortunately, you can rely on Allegra for custom banner printing that meets all of your needs. Here are just a few ideas:

The Grand Opening (or Re-Opening) of Your Business

Large red banner sign that says GRAND OPENING in white letters.

Start by teasing your patrons with a “Coming Soon” banner on the outside of your building. This works wonders to pique interest and build excitement, especially if your building is going through extensive renovations.

If your business is established but recently moved locations, you will want to kick off the grand reopening with a big party. You can plan special sales or activities that will draw in your loyal customers as well as new customers in the area.

You want a grand opening sign to be big, bold and beautiful while also aligning with the visual style of your brand. Not every grand reopening sign has to be red with white letters (although that does capture attention). You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts and styles that fit the aesthetic of your business.

Employee Appreciation Event

There is a designated day for employee appreciation, and it usually falls in the spring. That said, taking the time to show your crew that you appreciate them throughout the year is always a good idea.

Plan fun, creative and special employee appreciation events that show the people you work with that you care. Perhaps that comes in the form of a special lunch, a team building outing like laser tag, or giving out swag. However you choose to celebrate, highlighting it with a huge banner that simply says “Thank you!” will certainly send the right message.

Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries and Retirement Celebrations

Having everyone at the office sign a card is nice, but you really want to do it up right when a milestone birthday rolls around. Whether it is a 40th  birthday, a retirement or recognizing someone who has been with the company for decades – it’s good to plan a celebration where everyone can have fun and the guest of honor feels special. Print a custom banner to bring attention to the big event in a distinct and eye-catching way.

Get your message across and make sure it stands out for your next celebration with custom banner printing from Allegra. Contact us to get started!


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