Three Guidelines For Effective Point-Of-Purchase Displays

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It’s easy for certain products to get lost in a store. People generally have an idea of what they need, but it’s your job to highlight all of the products they may potentially want. Make your products pop with the help of point-of-purchase displays!

What are point-of-purchase displays?

Store shelves in an aisle that are blurred to indicate a sea of products without any point-of-purchase displays.

Also referred to as POP displays, these structures are printed marketing materials designed to promote a specific product. The intention is to drive immediate action that leads to more sales. POP displays can appear throughout a store and come in a variety of sizes, from small displays at the checkout counter to much larger designs in the middle of an aisle or on a shelf.

Eye-catching point-of-purchase displays influence customers while they are in your store and help to improve their overall experience.

Create engaging POP displays that are sure to capture attention by keeping these three ideas in mind:

Know Your Audience

Think about the people who typically visit a particular store. What brings them there in the first place? What are their interests? What resonates with them? When you know who you are speaking to, you can better craft a visual design and message that accommodates their needs.

Choose the Right Size and Location

As mentioned earlier, POP displays come in a wide range of sizes that fit various locations throughout a store. After you have your audience in mind, you can get strategic about the areas of the store that make the most sense for this product. Consider options such as:

  • Aisle Displays
  • End Caps
  • Floor Displays
  • Side Wings or Power Wings
  • Counter Displays

Communicate Clearly

Once you have the first two items figured out, you can focus on the fun part: the message and design! You should always:

  • Use bold graphics with a design consistent to the brand.
  • Deliver short and succinct messages using descriptive language.
  • Answer questions customers might ask, like what the product does and why they should buy it.
  • Focus on the benefits and specifically, what sets this product apart from other similar products.
  • Keep the most important components at eye level.

Encourage visitors to become customers with a well-designed POP display!

Whether you want to highlight a special deal or promote products that haven’t been selling that well, point-of-purchase displays are the way to go. Turn to the experts at Allegra to help you make an engaging point-of-purchase display that captures attention and leads to more sales. Contact us today to get started!


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