Marketing Ideas For Before, During And After Your Next Open House

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Open houses are a commonly seen event in the real estate industry due to how much of an impact they can have on potential buyers and renters. Whether you’re opening an entire development of condos you want to fill with renters or are looking to sell an old home that’s full of charm, an open house event can highlight what makes each property special. 

When planning your next event, keep the following marketing items in mind to make the right impression before, during and after. 

Before: Ensure that everyone in the community knows an open house will be taking place by using yard signs placed strategically throughout a neighborhood. A simple message of “Open house this weekend!” with a date, time and address can capture the attention of potential buyers or renters.  

If you’re looking to fill a new development of homes or apartments, consider a small direct mail campaign, especially if you intend to host more than one open house or have a model unit that can be viewed on request. A good direct mail piece will contain information about the property, such as list price or rental rates, how many units are available or other pertinent details. 

During: You’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face interactions with prospects and clients during an open house, so it’s important to have the right marketing materials on hand. Consider wearing branded apparel with your agency’s logo on it so that anyone visiting the property immediately knows who to talk to for more details. 

A branded folder that contains your business card and details about the property can also make a strong, professional impression about what’s for sale or for rent – but also about you and your agency! Even if someone chooses not to pursue the available property, making sure that they’re given details about your business can mean they’ll think of you first when they look to buy, rent or sell another time. 

After: Follow up with the contacts you made at the open house by sending them a card thanking them for coming to the event. It can be as simple as a small note thanking them for their time and mentioning other similar properties your agency has for sale in the area, but it will make a big impression and ensure that these prospects know you’re thinking of them. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider sending a small, branded item in the mail in addition to your note. Something as simple as a pen to sign the contract/agreement or magnet (to make sure an offer “sticks”) will keep you top-of-mind with these contacts.  

Need more ideas on how to market your next property? Contact the team at Allegra to set up a free consultation and discuss your unique needs! 


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