PERSONALIZED PRINTING: Variable Data Cuts Through the Clutter

Personalized PrintingWhen it comes to visual impact and targeting capabilities, print is as powerful as ever. And thanks to variable data printing (VDP) technology, it’s possible to insert personalized messages and images into your printed pieces. Work with Allegra to develop marketing items through the power of variable data printing in order to leave a lasting impact on your customers and clients. 

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing, sometimes also referred to as variable imaging or variable information, is a digital printing technique that changes specific elements in a printed item, such as the text, graphics or images.

This personalized one-to-one marketing approach helps you break through the clutter and appeal to each person as an individual. Current and potential customers receive a lot of marketing materials in the mail. 

When you use variable data printing to personalize a direct mail message, it stands out from the rest of the mail that an individual receives. Consumers who see their own name or images and information that is of value and interest to them are more engaged, and more likely to respond. 

Using an individual’s name and other personal data can transform even the most basic transactional touch points into marketing opportunities. For example, postcards can offer new products or services based on past purchases, and newsletters can be personalized to include content or images that appeal to your audience. If your business is advertising to a diverse community, the language that your postcards or other materials are printed in can be changed based on the household that you are sending them to, ensuring your recipients are able to understand and connect to your message.

One of the keys to successful VDP campaigns is a creative layout that works well with the variable elements. Work with us for the right creative design, teamed with digital savvy and production techniques and expert custom printing, for variable data printing that hits its target!

Ready to get personal? Talk to Allegra about variable data printing and how it can boost your campaign results. 

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