Point of Purchase Displays in Gainesville: Catching Sales in the Moment

Point of Purchase Displays

The display experts at Allegra can provide your business with point-of-purchase displays in Gainesville, Florida that help to drive sales and boost product awareness. A point-of-purchase display is a customized showcase that displays products in a way that is eye-catching and intriguing. You can enhance any customer experience with attractive and helpful point-of-purchase displays on counters, in aisles, on walls, or hanging from the ceiling.

New innovations in retail signs, retractable banners, pop-up banners, pop-up displays, tabletop displays, and display stands are now available to engage and persuade visitors even before you have the chance for those face-to-face encounters. POP signs and displays give superior visibility and branding capabilities over other products that are merely seen in the usual location on a store’s shelves.

Some of the advantages of point-of-purchase marketing includes:

1. It is eye-catching. Products featured in point-of-purchase displays stand out from their competition.

2. It makes the product more accessible. Perhaps the consumer was looking for this exact product or a similar product, you have now brought it right to the front of their attention.

3. It avoids cluttering other areas. Perhaps the shelves are getting full or the product would normally sit upon your checkout counter. Now the display provides another space to put the product, helping to clear up clutter.

4. It provides an opportunity to speak to the customer. Point-of-purchase displays can also include signage with information about the product, allowing you to speak to the consumer without saying a word.

5. It encourages consumers to take a closer look at the product. An enticing point-of-purchase display will make consumers want to pick up the product to look at it more closely or learn more about it.

Ready to begin increasing sales and boosting awareness about your product? Ask the experts at Allegra about ways to highlight areas in your space to start conversations that drive sales.

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