As Insty-Prints, giving back to Bozeman was one of the most gratifying reasons to be in business. It’s a great feeling to help people, especially if they are trying to help others.

Allegra Bozeman will continue Insty-Prints’ tradition by giving back through the FootPRINT Fund® and Posters for a Purpose®.

FootPRINT Fund® for Nonprofit Friends

Each year, Allegra Bozeman will donate $10,000 worth of free or discounted marketing, printing and mailing services (excluding postage for mailing) to area 501-3C non-profit organizations. Applications will be reviewed in the spring and fall of each year. Grants will range from $100 to $1,000, and must be used within 12 months of receiving the grant.

Posters for a Purpose®

As with Insty-Prints, Allegra will continue printing 50 free posters for community groups, clubs, and schools to publicize their fund-raising events.

Thinking Green. Printing Smarter.

The printing process can be resource intensive, but there are many “green practices” we can incorporate in our daily work routines to help diminish the amount of waste we generate. Here are some methods we are currently using:

  • Recycling Programs – From paper to ink to money and everything in between, recycling saves. It also reduces air pollution and waste to landfills.
  • Controlling Waste – By establishing inventory controls, we reduce waste and save cash. Sequencing print jobs by ink color saves ink changes and labor while eliminating waste.
  • Using Resources Wisely – Incorporating recycled papers – with high levels of post-consumer content – into your communications projects helps keep a lot of paper out of landfills.
  • Choosing "Smart" Inks – Using vegetable- or soy-based inks means less toxins and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air and soil.

You can choose print communications to be part of your mix … and feel good about it. Having a partner that knows what’s essential to you and your brand image makes the choices easy.
Local roots, local commitment, and a local business to support your work – that’s a pretty powerful combination. Talk to us today about your business or organization, and let’s see what we can build together.

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