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Allegra has partnered with author and branding expert Carla Johnson to bring you proven tips to enhance your brand through the Take 10 Marketing Series. Each video in the series will give you actionable takeaways that you can use in your business or organization right away. If you need help making some of these tips work for you, or just want to talk through some ideas, contact Allegra today. We’re here for you!

What’s Next?

Many business owners are figuring out the ways they can reopen while keeping their team and customers safe. If this is where you are, this video is for you. Carla discusses five things to keep in mind as you plan your next steps.

Marketing on Purpose

Defining who you are as a company or organization through your brand purpose can help differentiate you from your competition. In 10 minutes, you’ll learn what a brand purpose is, why you need one, the benefits and energy it can bring to an organization, and how to create your own powerful brand purpose statement.

Becoming Indispensable as a B2B Partner

When working with B2B clients, establishing a good partnership can help you build successful and lasting business relationships. In this video, Carla explains how to earn your clients’ trust, exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs.

Triple Threat

In this video, Carla shares a few examples of ways your business can reevaluate your short-, mid- and long-term goals. By following this exercise, you will be able to identify valuable opportunities that you can begin implementing from immediately. Taking an overall look at the larger picture will help you pave the way to accomplish your business goals.

Consistency Rules

Consistency is the key ingredient that helps businesses build trust and become memorable. In this 10-minute video, Carla explains how to build consistent business practices and shares common mistakes to avoid. She discusses important ways to stay present in your customers’ lives and how to deliver a consistent and meaningful message that represents your brand.

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