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Allegra Marketing Print Mail Hosts Top Marketing Influencer for Live Webinar

Allegra Marketing Print Mail is hosting "Chemical Attraction: Transform Lukewarm Leads into Loyal Customers," a free, live marketing webinar on May 22 at 12 p.m. (ET)...

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Perry Clark


Perry has been the owner at Allegra Winston-Salem for 11 years with a total of 20 years working in the printing industry. He enjoys working with clients and developing long-term relationships knowing that they can work together to help each other grow their businesses!

Teresa Bobo

Manager, Sales & Graphics

Teresa has been working at Allegra since 1992, giving her a total of 26 years in the printing industry. She enjoys working with clients and exploring new capabilities that may help them promote their brand identity. Teresa works diligently to give clients the best that Allegra has to offer!

Kelli Clark

Account Manager

Kelli, co-owner of Allegra Winston-Salem, serves as one of our account managers. She enjoys working with clients to help them receive a finished product that they are happy with and that represents the quality of work and service that Allegra is proud to offer.

Katharine Hulcher

Account Manager

Katharine joined the Allegra team in 2011. Her favorite part of her job is building relationships with customers and helping them with their printing needs to help them grow their companies.

Savan Boeurn

Graphic Designer

Savan is one of our talented graphic designers! She began working at Allegra in 2010, and has over 19 years of prepress/design experience. She enjoys getting to work with some wonderful people and different personalities. Savan is always looking to learn new software and stay on the cutting edge of the capabilities in Adobe programs. She is glad to work for a company that strives to move forward, improve, and grow.

Basil Hudson

Graphic Designer

Basil is one of our talented graphic designers and has a long-history of working in the printing industry! While he was still in high school, he started carrying proofs around downtown Winston-Salem for the Journal & Sentinel newspaper. After college, he became an apprentice for Bradford Printing in 1976. He has truly spent a lifetime working in printing and has kept up with all of the many advancements! Basil thinks that having been a participant in the ever-changing world of typography and printing has been fascinating, and working with others to create media products is rewarding. "Outside of my job at Hertz Rent-a-Car one summer, this is the most fun I've ever had while getting paid!" - Basil

Jay Andrews

Sales Representative

Jay joined the Allegra team in 2015. He enjoys the opportunity to connect with clients to build professional and personal relationships. Jay keeps customer satisfaction as a top priority and always goes the extra mile to serve our clients!

Judy Holstrom

Office Assistant

Judy has been at Allegra since 2013 and in the printing industry for 49 years! Her family once owned a local printing company, but even after its closure she continued to pursue what she knew so well. Judy enjoys the challenges of each new job, from design to finished product. "I guess I have printer's ink in my blood!" - Judy

P.J. Bobo

Digital and Wide Format Specialist

PJ joined the Allegra team in 2000. He trained and worked as an offset pressman but has made the move to our digital and wide format areas. He enjoys learning all of the new capabilities that the worlds of digital production and wide format and is always eager to learn about the lastest advancements!

Jeff Cummings

Inventory and Bindery Specialist

Jeff began working with Allegra in 2016, and has a total of 38 years experience in the printing industry. He is always brainstorming efficiencies to give our clients a finished product quickly! Jeff enjoys the work that is put before him.

Ron Collins

Pressman and Bindery Technician

Ron began working at Allegra in 2013, but has been in the printing industry for 46 years! He enjoys the variety of work that he gets to perform and feels that the people he works with are very professional.

Steve Napier


Steve joined the Allegra team in 2008, and has 43 years experience in the printing industry. Steve enjoys working side-by-side with his fellow employees. He thinks that, though there will always be hurdles in this business, it's your fellow employees that come together to work together toward a successful outcome. "It means the world to me that I have always been supported as a team member here at Allegra!" - Steve

Bernie Wilkins

Windmill Technician and Deliveryman

Bernie joined the Allegra team in 2013 and is the face of Allegra to so many of our clients on delivery runs. He also runs the windmill machine to score and die-cut unique pieces. Bernie enjoys meeting our clients and working on customized orders!

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