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If you lead a St. Louis area nonprofit or oversee development and events, we can help increase your ROI from both the money you spend and time you invest.

Allegra’s grant program provides free services intended to strengthen nonprofits. Each year, our dedicated employees have happily banded together as a team to deliver these services, valued at over $150,000 since the program’s inception in 2009.

In 2019, the Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center utilized Allegra’s grant to add DirectConnect™ marketing technology platform to their appeal mailing campaign. The platform helped increase overall gifts from their year-end appeal.

“…we are seeing a 30.5% increase in overall gifts for our year-end. This includes people that gave through mail and online. We saw people donating earlier in December after seeing the ads running as well. We have also been utilizing the data from the dashboard to see how we can adjust our mailed appeals moving forward. All in all... we love the data! “- Lacie Jett-Ricketts, Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center

Who’s Eligible: For 2020, we are continuing with our commitment to donate free services through service grants to 501(c)3 organizations within the Missouri counties of Jefferson, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County as well as the Illinois counties of Madison, Monroe and St. Claire. We believe we can best support your mission with our marketing talent and technology to help nonprofits achieve their mission.

What’s the point? If you could use help with nurturing your donor base, improving donor retention and donation levels, developing new donors, or reactivating lapsed donors, email us. If you need help with improving event attendance, email us.

There are 4 ways Allegra’s grant can help you:

  1. First Time Donor Retention. At least 50% of donors leave after their first gift. Our creative team combined with our marketing automation technology can increase your new donor retention rates, resulting in a quick increase in revenue.

  2. Donor Nurturing. It’s crucial to maintain a reliable stream of donations year after year. Unfortunately, people may often forget why and to whom they donated last year. Our creative team coupled with our marketing automation technology can assist your development team to assure that this connection is maintained.

  3. Lapsed Donors. Everybody experiences problems with lapsed donors. Our 12-month drip campaign can effectively recover a significant number of these previously “lost” donors.

  4. Appeals and Fundraising Events. For many nonprofits, the annual fundraiser is their largest single source of revenue for the year. The communication campaign supporting this event impacts attendance, funds raised and the financial health of the organization. Our marketing technology system can help improve results 20-40%.

What Services are Offered: Allegra utilizes its marketing technology platforms to 1) analyze consumer (donor) databases to help clients more carefully target their audience and structure their messaging. 2) Our technology platforms also help multiply the number of touches or impressions resulting from mailings, linking the mailing to online advertising on Facebook®, Instagram® and Google®. This platform does not replace, but instead supplements your own online Google and social media promotional activities.

How to Apply: Click here to download an application. Email the completed form to or mail to:

Allegra St. Louis

2116 Schuetz Road

St. Louis, MO 63146

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