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Website Visitor ID

Website Visitor Identification for Warm Leads

Have you wished you could know who visited your website? 

Now you can.

There is no better person to market to than someone that has shown interest in your product. Website visitors are just the right people. But, until now, you didn’t know who they were.

LEADMatch is a patent-pending 300+ point matching system that identifies website visitors. The data available from LEADMatch can include the visitor’s name, address and even phone number and email address.
This data allows you to continue developing these warm leads with a mail campaign to convert them to customers.

Best of all, there is no up-front cost to get started, and no obligation to ever purchase. You simply add to your website a small bit of code that we send to you. Data is automatically collected and ready for you to purchase at any time from your online dashboard.

Leads can be filtered by location and by date to ensure that you are getting the most recent visitors and only in the areas that you want to target.

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