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PRESENTATION FOLDERS: Neat and Professional Handouts

custom presentation folder

You’ve done all the hard work - now make sure your presentations and proposals retain their appeal and professionalism after the meeting is over. High-quality presentation folders designed to meet the specific needs of your meeting will highlight your organizational skills and allow you to present your ideas in a cohesive and memorable way.

Whether your presentation folders are being given to prospective clients, board members or employees, they should act as an extension of your brand and represent your company properly. Even internal meetings where documents are being shared are a good opportunity for using a custom portfolio folder.  Well-designed, branded folders make a positive and professional impression on everyone who sees them.

How can I use presentation folders?

Presentation folders can also be used as effective marketing tools. Instead of the often-used flyer or postcard, send business folders out to prospective customers. Thanks to our numerous customization options, it’s easy to include a pocket for printed collateral or even a flash drive that contains promotional messages and a link to your company’s website. You can also print the folders with images and descriptions of the products or services that your business specializes in.

Ask us about samples, from simple and economical, to boardroom-ready solutions. Will your presentation include many or just a few enclosures? Need a single pocket or multiple pockets? Is durability a concern?

You lay out the requirements and we’ll work together to select the format, stock and finishing techniques to make the statement you need to deliver with your presentation binder or folder. Your brand is bound to leave an impression long after you leave the meeting and hand the folder to a potential customer or client.

Contact us today to get started on creating custom folders for your next presentation, marketing campaign, tradeshow, or event. We look forward to helping your organization succeed with our custom printing, custom design, and marketing services.

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