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John Fergusson

President / Owner/

"I have a twin brother who looks just like me (but not as good looking). We are both married to women named Ann(e) who are left handed."

Matt Whitely

General Manager /

"I love coffee, sports, and being outdoors in nature."

Lisa Dyke

Account Manager /

"My hobbies are ballroom dancing, cooking and going to the gym. I also enjoy word puzzles. For some reason it relaxes me."

Alicia Shelton

Account Manager /

"I am a huge hard rock fan and love going to concerts. I particiularly like a lot of bands from Finland and because of it I have learned to speak some Finnish."

Fred Tucholka

Sales, Account Manager /

"I am a huge Yankees fan. I am very involved with my local little league of which I am a current member. The baseball field is where I taught my two sons teamwork, good work ethic, and the importance of camaraderie."

Brandon Hicks

Head Graphic Designer

"I like to travel, fish, and ride dirt bikes."

Carey McNamara

Graphic Designer

"I enjoy whippet wrangling, home renovation, and cooking."

Holden Taylor

Graphic Designer / Large Format Specialist

"I am avid designer, biker, and classic video game player."

Ashley Beichner

Digital Press Operator

"Country music is my passion. I will go anywhere in VA to see a country artist. I also work for a local country band on the weekends and enjoy line dancing at shows."

Bo Gibson

Production Supervisor /

"I like to stay busy and fish when I can. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the middle of the river."

Robert Jefferson

Pre Press Specialist

"I enjoy visiting relatives and friends as well as going fishing and cleaning the house."

Henry Taylor

Press Operator

"My grandkid makes me laugh and smile."

Steve Warrick

Press Operator

"I like to BBQ when I have the time."

Dennis Puryear

Press Operator

"I enjoy doing wood working and wood turning in my spare time."

Ray Wright

Press Operator

"I love to be out in nature and my favorite animal is a bear."

Vladimir Kosoy

Bindery Specialist

"I enjoy spending time with family and friends."

Shirley Gibson

Bindery Specialist

"I love hanging with my kids and grandkids, swimming, cookouts, and bonfires."

Betty Mathews

Bindery Specialist

"I enjoy reading mystery and romance novels."

Sue Crumm

Bindery Specialist

"I love working in my yard and having gatherings with my family and friends on the weekends."

David Cassidy

Mail Specialist

"I delight in the seeing the woodchucks that live under my shed. The American Marmot is commonly called groundhog or woodchuck. Woodchuck is derived from the Native American Algonquian word "Wuchak" which means digger."

Danny Wallenfelsz

Delivery Driver

"I enjoy coaching and umpiring youth baseball and spending time with my grandkids."

Allegra Richmond

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Richmond, VA 23230
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