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Allegra Marketing Print Mail Hosts Top Marketing Influencer for Live Webinar

Allegra Marketing Print Mail is hosting "Chemical Attraction: Transform Lukewarm Leads into Loyal Customers," a free, live marketing webinar on May 22 at 12 p.m. (ET)...

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Deliver High Impact Direct Mail

Allegra’s New wRap Envelope is a one-of-a-kind direct marketing solution combining digital print and variable data to create high impact, personalized mailpieces. With creative artwork printed in full color these mail pieces stand out from the crowd and recipients cannot resist opening. Personalized variable data on both the outside and inside of the envelope and letter also improves response rates.

Options Include:

  • 1-3 letters inserted into the envelope.
  • Barcoding ensures perfect matching.
  • Another option is to print only an envelope using the inside of the envelope for your message.
  • We can also add a business card, offer card, 6 3/4 envelope and more on the inside of the envelope.

As all marketers know, direct mail is all about getting a response from the recipients. Benefits of the wRap Envelope include:

  • Creative artwork combined with a different looking piece gets attention in the mail.
  • Opening rates are higher than with standard envelopes.
  • Full color variable data on the outside and inside; no limitations, let your creativity go.
  • Properly designed and targeted the wRap Envelope will generate higher response resulting in lower cost per response for your direct mail campaign.
  • Option to use PURLs and QR codes, directing prospects and customers to your website and/or landing pages and more.

Here is your checklist for success with the wRap Envelope:

Create artwork that is meaningful to the recipient and will draw them in… make them want to open the envelope.

Inside, have a compelling Call-to-Action or Offer.

A well targeted list: Know your audience. Whom do you want your direct mail campaign to reach?

Use variable data to get attention and make it personal: what do you know about them?

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